Vote for Me! (Please??!!!) :D

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Hey hey people, here’s your big chance to help a kiwi Orienteer! I applied for an AMP scholarship to help kiwi people ‘do their thing’. One of the categories is a peoples choice award, so the person with the most votes get’s a $10,000NZ scholarship. Orienteering at an elite level is pretty expensive for a kiwi. Travelling to Europe every …

Training Training Training

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NZ champs was the perfect motivation for me to start enjoying my training again. I’m not saying I wasn’t having fun before, but now I’m looking forward to each session and always have a specific focus or goal in mind. I had some good results at Nationals, but technically there was a lot of room for improvement in my orienteering.I …

Double National Champ!

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Well then, from the title of this blog you can see that the NZ Champs at Easter weekend in Hawkes Bay went better than expected! As I mentioned earlier I was the mapper and planner of the NZ sprint Champs on Friday afternoon. It was great weather and such a nice event centre, so it was so good to finally …

Getting back into it! :)

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Sup! Things have been a bit up and down for me since WOC last year, both with training and just life in general. Now things are starting to look really positive again J. I had quite a long break after WOC last year, a few months with only really light training just to stave off obesity. I didn’t have so …

Sprint the Bay 2011

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For the last few months I have been involved in organising the 2nd year running of Sprint the Bay. The new tour-based sprint orienteering weekend has caught the attention of a lot of orienteers, both in New Zealand and internationally. The event consists of 6 sprint orienteering races over 3 days, and simulates the Tour de France with a yellow …

Mega Blog!

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Well well well, it’s been a while since I wrote anything on here. I guess I’ve been a bit distracted. I suppose I should give a bit of an update for my religious followers 😉 A lot has changed for me since my last post over a year ago. I’ll try and give some bullet points rather than a huge …

Recent Happenings (incl. Blodslitet)

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Hey hey!I haven’t been up to too much lately, not exactly by choice either. I had a small rest after WOC and then decided to run a half marathon. It didn’t go too well, I felt really sick and ended up puking at about the half way point. I managed to finish the race in a pretty lazy time (77.01 …

Træningslejr i Trondheim

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Last week, with support from my club Odense OK and the crush Ã…ke Jönsson has on me, I was able to tag along with the Danish team on their training camp in Trondheim.The purpose of the camp was to prepare for WOC next year. It was my first time in Trondheim, and it definitely showed 🙂 My orienteering was ok …

Woc-analysis in a nutshell

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I made mistakes, I was stupid, I didn’t enjoy the sports. And now I’m free. A longer version is available in Finnish. With a smile, Minna Ross Though I must add, it was pretty nice having the chance to watch Chris kicking some ass for NZ!!!

Time Warp

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It’s now close to a month since I left Denmark for the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I have no idea what happened to these last 3 weeks. I am in the middle of packing my bags for WOC in Hungary and I realised I better smack something down on my blog about WG before my short memory gets …