Forget the Cold

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Although Winter does have it’s merits, for an orienteer being warm and not having to feel the ground slide from beneath your feet in every training is a smarter option! I’ve had a couple of tough Winters struggling with injury since I moved to Finland, but now for the first time everything seems to be working as it should (touch …

Knock-out Sprint Video

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Great video of the knockout sprint final race from the Wellington Champs in New Zealand. The video was edited by up and coming junior star Devon Beckman from my local club in NZ – HBOC – great work by Devon, who also stars in the final (first man in the line-up). This is how to make orienteering look cool.

O-no! last (real) WOC

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A lot of things have to come together to perform well at WOC, and after 8 years I have yet to get everything right. I think I have managed to slowly make progress with my orienteering over the years, however, this time around things seemed to unravel rather than culminate – making it my worst WOC (result-wise) since Denmark in …

Portugal Training Camp

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As I mentioned in my last post, I was the lucky winner of the worldofo.com prize for picking the winning course in the ‘course of the year’ competition, and my reward was an all expenses paid 4 day training camp for 2 in Portugal from Orievents – woohooo! 🙂 It was great to get away from the cold and snow of Finland for …

The Long Summer (Megablog 4)

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It’s been yonks since I’ve written anything decent on here, it seems to be becoming quite a habit! I have resolved to make more of an effort this year 🙂 I was fortunate enough to keep my Achilles (plural) away from the cold this European winter (until now), which I think went a long way towards me staying relatively injury free. …

Sprint The Bay – WRE

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After recently arriving back in New Zealand for a long summer, I’m happy to announce another exciting development for my brother Duncan and myself in our roles as event organisers: Stage 1 of Dirty D Sprint The Bay 2013 will now be a World Ranking Event 🙂 The first stage of the 6-race sprint tour will take place in the …

Cool Sprint Video (STB Promo)

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Duncan Morrison interviews JWOC middle distance gold medalist andSTB 2012 co-organiser Matt Ogden about his thoughts on the Stage 5 race New Zealand is now the place to be for orienteering (especially next January) – the recent success of Matt Ogden at JWOC in Slovakia shows that we have a lot to offer the world! Many international athletes have already …

It’s official! New Zealand is the best!!

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Matt Ogden from New Zealand has just won the JWOC middle distance in Slovakia! – A prophecy has been fulfilled. This guy is the saviour of NZ orienteering! Everyone better watch out! – The new Gueorgiou!   Matt Ogden is an Engineering student at the University of Auckland, and is one of the most dedicated athletes in the history of …

NZ World Cups & Sprint the Bay – Enter Now!

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HBOC farmland – trickier than it sounds! In January of 2013, for the first time in my elite career, New Zealand will be hosting World Cup races in conjunction with the Oceania orienteering carnival 🙂 There will be a middle distance in beach-front sand-dune terrain, 2 urban/park sprints (qual & final) in NZ’s capital city of Wellington, and then a middle prologue and chasing start in …