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The last weeks training hasn’t been the greatest. I had an unscheduled rest day on Tuesday when I was supposed to do intervals. I just felt too tired and the weather was a bit depressing. I think the hard training week in Hungary finally caught up with me 🙂 I did manage to get a nice strength training session in though. It was much nicer being inside, it’s pretty cold here now, but I know its only going to get worse. It’s dark at 4.30pm which is going to make finding the motivation to train difficult in the next few months. I’m sure I’ll manage 🙂
The photos here are from Hungary. The top one is the Uni Hotel which will be the accomodation for WOC next year. The rooms are pretty nice, much better than in Czech republic this year. There are nicer big rooms with double beds and leather lounge suite. There are also smaller rooms with 2 single beds, but theyre also an quite cozy. Next photo is just of some of the terrain. As you can see its very open with good visibility. I think come WOC time the visibility will be a little lower because the leaves will actually be on the trees. This will also make runability faster because you will be able to actually see those nasty little rocks, that are currently hidden under the leaves. The last photo is just a nice view of the finish from the long distance qualification race.
This weekend I’ve decided to have a crack at Jættemilen. It’s a 25.1km mass start loops race, with common last loop. There’s a good starting lineup as you can see: http://www.orientering.dk/ok%2D73/loeb/jm2008/
My plan is to stick it out with the leaders for as long as I can. If I don’t have any problems with cramp then this should be to the end. If I do have to pull out it will be nice to get some relay practice under my belt. Ther is also a sprint in Hillerød on Saturday (the day before Jættemilen) with 1000kr for the winner. So hopefully I can pull out a good run 🙂 The websites for Jattemilen and the sprint are:

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