Hillerød Sprint + Jættemilen

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Sorry it took all week, but here’s the maps from last weekend. The sprint was ok. I was going well until about the 10th control (except for a small mistake on the 3rd where I didn’t see the gap in the hedge on my map). Then I started making lots of stupid mistakes. I wasn’t really tired, I was just running faster than I could read my map. It was kind of good in a way, it was nice to start feeling fast again 🙂 I ended up in 9th place just over a minute behind the winner. I won 8 splits and lost at least 90 seconds, so should have been able to win. Just have to slow it down slightly next time 🙂
Jættemilen was a mission. I had a disastrous start.. because I missed it!! I was in a long toilet queue, I wasn’t prepared to run the 25.1km course without getting down to race weight first. When I got out of the toilet I had less than a minute to go up the hill and grab my compass and SI card then go to the start, clear and check and then begin! I had no chance. I started about 20-30sec after the mass start. I was nearly sprinting for the first 6 controls trying to catch the leaders. I got in sight but then started to die. I decided to relax and just run my own race. I was really concentrating on my orienteering. I was by myself from about the 15th control until the 50th. I even caught up a few of the leaders near the end. I was very happy with my run. 54 controls and I only made a few small mistakes. I got some cramp in the last 5km, but not as bad as usual. I finished in 8th place in 2hours 27min. The winner did 2hours 7min. So I was a bit behind. I think though that running by myself for that long and still doing 5min50sec/km is alright!
Sorry if the Jættemilen maps look a bit dodgy, I had put them on an angle and join the second ones together because they wouldn’t fit in the scanner!

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  1. Man I have a complete line of salivia all the way from my lips, down my t shirt to my big hairy belly button (erotic aye) and thats just after looking at the sprint
    map…wheres the latest update?

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