More Winter Trainings :)

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Training is going well now. Im already starting to feel stronger and faster 😀 The local clubs have been taking turns at organising trainings every Saturday. There was an interesting one that you can see on the ‘onsebakker’ map. It was designed to help practicing planning ahead. There were several ‘big’ controls containing several little controls. You had to do the big controls in order, but you could take the smaller controls in any order you liked. It was a fun change, and I did find it really useful with my planning. The map without the title on it is ‘Lungebjerge’. Maja and I went there for a training run on my birthday. I ran an old course of Klavs’s as you can see. It was a really nice area, the forest was quite open so it was much faster than most of the other maps on Fyn. It was also sandy as opposed to the traditional ‘mudbath’ type maps around Odense. We will be organising a B grade event on this map in April. On a lighter note (or should I say heavier?) my body weight seems to have increased dramitically since the end of last season. Then I had an all time low of just under 60kg. Now I am bouncing around the forrest at a whopping 67kg. I can’t seem to find and visible signs of chunkiness, perhaps gravity is just a bit angry at me :S I will be able to have a nice little break from all of these cold winter trainings in about 3 weeks time. Maja and I will head to Alicante in Spain (where I had JWOC in 2002). And by ‘nice little break’ I meant an intensive week long training camp with 2 trainings per day and a world ranking long distance event. The WRE will also double as one of my ‘trial’ runs because I will not make it back to NZ this year for the actual trial races. One of the main camp coaches will be Mats Troeng (a member of the Swedish national team). The 2x trainings a day and lectures at night should give me a good oing boost before coming into the next season 😛 You can read more about the camp and see some pics and maps of the terrain here:

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  1. Yo, good on you boy, the weight must be middle age catching up on you. Sounds like you are training well, or at least better than Bryn.

    Couldn’t help myself watching Paul vs Carnage Hill again 3 times, gets funnier every time.


  2. Good to see you doing some good training with intervals etc. I used to go up about 4-5kg most winters – part of it is the body’s natural reaction to the cold of the winter, have yet to find out a way to combat this – maybe live all winter in a glasshouse, or at least train in one :-p

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