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Well this post is a bit late, but oh well. The other weekend was Danish Night champs. It was my first proper night orienteering race. By proper I mean In a forest where you can see 5m as opposed to in NZ farmland where you can see forever. The course wasn’t as tricky as I had expected. There was a hell of alot of track running. Technically my race was pretty good. I lost between 90sec-2mins on the first control from bad routechoice and then a little mistake near the control. I was just too happy to see another control on a vegetation boundry. I also had a bad route choice on the way to the 7th and the 17th. So I lost about 3mins in total from mistakes. I had had a very busy day organising a B grade event and started to feel it on about the 9th control so I had to slow down a bit for the second half of the course. I got some really bad cramps near the end of the course and had to walk a bit. Infact, I struggled to even walk in the open from 33-34.  I totally locked up going down the green hill to the last control and had a nasty fall. I got a pretty cool gash up the side of my leg, but it was quite annoying. I think I could’ve had a very good time. I was still pretty pleased with 5th place though 🙂 I was pretty happy that I could navigate alright at night. It will help my confidence for Tiomila this weekend. 

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  1. Hey Ross – you’re charging eh!

    Re the cramps, I ran out of those Succeed caps and can’t get them from Aust any more so I’ve ordered some from USA. If I see someone eg Darren, before the World Games I’ll give him a dozen for you to try out.

    Keep up the great work – and let me know your club address to send you a mag

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