Træningslejr i Trondheim

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Last week, with support from my club Odense OK and the crush Åke Jönsson has on me, I was able to tag along with the Danish team on their training camp in Trondheim.
The purpose of the camp was to prepare for WOC next year. It was my first time in Trondheim, and it definitely showed 🙂 My orienteering was ok for the most part, but then occasionally went totally out the window.
I went over a day earlier than the Danes. I stayed with Chris and Emily in their cozy little apartment right near an awesome forest. Chris and I went for a jog on his map the evening I arrived and I went again early the next morning.
The next few days were pretty busy, just eat train eat train eat sleep etc… I managed to twist my ankle whilst falling off a cliff on the first training with the Danes. But I managed to run the next day so it can’t have been that bad 😛
On the weekend we ran a long distance race and a relay in Selbu. The long started well, but then I made a really dumb route choice on the 4th control. Then by about the 8th control I was totally stuffed and starting to cramp again, probably from my lack of training in steep rough terrain. So the rest of the course was just a bit of a mission, watching fast guys run past 😛
For the relay I ran for a local club, Byåsen Idrettslag. Unfortunately for them I had probably my worst run in 15 years or so. I ran first leg. I wasn’t focused at all and muffed the first and second controls. Then I was all alone. I decided to try and catch up but then lost about 17mins on the 6th control! I duno what happened. Maybe I bumped my head or something. I tried to relocate off a rock a few times but just never went close to the control. I think I was last in on the first leg :S
We had a few more trainings before heading home. The trainings are here:

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